About Us
Michener Allen Auctioneering Ltd.
About Us

We are a family owned and operated auction business with 3 generations working together building and expanding our business every day. For over 50 years we have been open to the public for Industrial Equipment, Automotive and RV Auctions.  Our head office in Edmonton opened in 1971 with our Calgary location opening in 1999 and then expanding to Winnipeg in 2010.  We pride ourselves in the trust and confidence that so many of our long-term and brand new clients have put in us as we continue to bring buyers and sellers together in an exciting and transparent process. 

How it works

Our auctions are flexible and consist of many platforms, however our two main platforms are;

The first being our 3 Day Unreserved Industrial Equipment, Automotive & RV Auction conducted 7 times per year.  The items in this auction are combined with all 3 of our locations (Edmonton, Calgary & Winnipeg) and also includes several other offsite locations that adapt to our out of town and out of province sellers. All items in this auction are sold by either a live auctioneer or a timed bidding process and are sold “as is” unreserved to the highest bidder.

The second platform being a strictly timed bidding process and includes Automotive, RV’s & Industrial Equipment conducted 17 times per year on Saturday’s.  These items are also combined with all our locations and can include several offsite locations.  Items in this auction may be sold subject to a high bid approval from the seller with an arbitration policy available to the buyers.  In addition to the 17 auctions we have been conducting an annual Collect Car Auction since July of 2000.  

In addition to our two main platforms, we are proud to have the flexibility and knowledge to customize auctions for our sellers. One being our timed auction for The City of Edmonton providing an auction service for all The City of Edmonton’s seizure and surplus items.  These auctions are conducted once a month, open to the public and sold as is unreserved to the highest bidder. 

We provide auction services to buyers and sellers for Municipalities, large corporations, small businesses, and private individuals.  Ask our Michener Allen Sales Team about the various flexible selling packages available tailored to fit your surplus asset needs.